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My name is Natalia Leonova. I was born in 1956 in Rogachyovo, Moscow region. In 1978 I graduated from the Fedoskino Miniature Painting School and I have been working at the Fedoskino Miniature Factory since then.
Besides the lacquer miniature, I work on easel painting.

Natalia Leonova

I have made a number of governmental commissions using the lacquer miniature painting technique. Among these are the panel for the first M. Gorbachev's U. S. visit and the chest gave to President Reagan during his return visit. Boxes, panels and chests have been presented as diplomatic gifts from Soviet and Russian government delegations to heads of the USA, Canada, Japan, France, Italy, Sweden, Cuba, the UK, Germany and a number of other countries. In 1999 I personally presented the "Winter Troika" chest to Cannes Mayor Maurice Delauney during the Festival of Russian Culture.

The boxes are now shown in the Arts and Crafts Museum in Delegatskaya Street, Moscow, in the Fedoskino Factory Museum and in private collections in Russia and abroad. Since 1990 I have worked on originals of the series of porcelain collectibles for Bradford Exchange, the world-famous enterprise. In 1994 the "Russian Village" collection plate series won the first place in the European popularity rating.

Racehorse oil paintings are now exhibited in the Horse Breeding Museum of the Timiryazev Agricultural Academy and also in private collections of baroness Victoria Howard-Wise, Sir McCormack, sheikh Mohammed and other first-rate racer stud owners in the UK and the USA.

My personal shows are held annually in the USA and the UK.



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