lacquer miniature
easel paintings
Question " How should I care for lacquered boxes? Do I need any special stuff for caring? And what should I do if the lacquer on the box has got small scratches?"

You shouldn't allow your box to receive direct sunlight. You shouldn't either keep it in a damp place. The dust from the lacquered surface can be easily removed with a soft cloth. You can, as well, use furniture polish. If there are some small scratches on your box, the polishcan be restored by applying some oil paint 'green rouge' with a cotton wad onto the area where the scratches are and rubbing it energetically. The lacquer will become polished and glossy again. After that procedure it would be a good idea to drop some vegetable oil onto the polished surfaceand rub it until no oil is left. Only don't use paper tissues for polishing. Paper can cause small scratches on the lacquered surface and all your work will go to pot!

Question " I would like to commission a miniature portrait. What is necessary for that?"
Answer A miniature portrait is usually painted from good quality photographs. You will need no less than three photographs taken at different angles in natural lighting. Do not use a flash or a Polaroid camera since in that case it will not be possible to avoid distortion of the subject's features. A face on a photograph taken with the flash looks flat.
Then, desirable colours of the background and the clothes should be agreed with the artist. If you would like your subject to appear in a certain plot, all the details of the scene should be mentioned. Once you have commissioned, it will take no less than a month to complete your miniature portrait. If you want your portrait to be ready by a special date, please think about that in advance..


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