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Question "What is the difference between Fedoskino boxes and those of Palekh, Kholui and Mstera?"
Answer Firstly, in Fedoskino we use oil-paint instead of egg tempera. This is the most sufficient distinction.
Secondly, the Fedoskino miniature is realistic. The three-layer painting technique used in Fedoskino provides depth and volume of the works. People on portraits look real and alive and you can almost breathe the air of landscapes and subject stages.
The Palekh, Kholui and Mstera boxes look completely different. The point is that these villages have initially been icon painting centres. In Palekh the icons "for the rich" were produced with use of triple nine gold, finest painting and very detailed development of all objects. Mstera and Kholui icons were produced for the middle class and the poor. The icon style passed to the boxes, though the subject changed. People, animals and landscape elements are stylized, the painting is flat. There are only two dimensions.
Question "There is a huge choice of boxes in the gift shops . The salespeople call them "Author's". What is "Author's work"?
Answer The name "Author's work" means that the work is made by the author of the plot depicted on the box and that this box is not a copy. An original box by a Fedoskino artist is usually signed by the author in the following order: Fedoskino. Year of release. Subject name. The author: signature. A copy is signed in the following order: Fedoskino. Year of release. Subject name (optional). Performer (optional). Signature. The original box issued by the Fedoskino factory has a serial number in this line. This number is included in the protocol of the art council. Sometimes the artist uses a semi-finished product (the box itself). These boxes are made by special request, not in the semi-finished product workshop of the Fedoskino factory. The manufacturing quality of such semi-finished products is often much higher. They may have original shape and have no trade mark on the inner side of cover. In this case, the artist can put their signature, year of manufacturing and subject name here.


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